Instant Specialty coffee – Colombia Decaffeinated (40g – 20 Serves)


Colombian decaffeinated instant coffee. A decaf instant coffee from Colombia with notes of cherry cola, peach and maple syrup with a medium body and a strong and smooth finish. Instant Specialty is instant coffee at a quality that has never been produced before. First, we source perfectly roasted specialty grade, arabica coffee beans. Then, using our years of experience, we extract them into a world class brew. Finally, the brew is freeze dried in small batches to lock in the flavour, body, sweetness and aroma for years to come.

This decaf instant specialty coffee has been decaffeinated using a new and state of the art process using an organic compound found in sugar cane called Ethyl Acetate. A ripe banana contains about 20 times more Ethyl Acetate than decaffeinated coffee using this process. Due to the volatility of Ethyl Acetate, any residual compound evaporates at just 70 degrees. As the green coffee beans are roasted to degrees up to and above 200 degrees all remaining traces of Ethyl Acetate are completely gone. The process removes 97% of caffeine maintaining excellent natural flavour characteristics similar to the fully caffeinated variant.

Perfect for a late afternoon or night time coffee without affecting your sleep. Fantastic for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, or anyone else, wanting to limit their caffeine intake while enjoying a full flavoured coffee.


Start with 1 level teaspoon (2g) of coffee and then add:

Black Coffee: 200g of 65°c water
White Coffee: 140g of 100°c water + 60g of cold milk
Flat White: 30g of 100°c water + 170g of steamed 60°c milk
Iced Latte: 30g of 100°c water + 150g of cold milk + ice

You can also use Instant Specialty to make a mochaccino, a tiramisu, coffee cocktails, coffee cream and much more. Have fun!

40g makes 20 full strength cups.


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Dimensions 5 × 11 × 17 cm