Instant Specialty Processing


You are purchasing our services for the extraction, processing and freeze drying of roasted coffee supplied by yourself.

Batch/es: Refers to the number of 30kg batches of coffee you want processed. Each 30kg produces approximately 6kg of Instant Specialty. We currently charge $1825 per batch and a $225 setup fee on the first batch.

For each different coffee type supplied, please add a new item to the cart with as many batches of that type of coffee as you are supplying and the packing method preferred for those batches. Coffee type means a different single origin, blend or roast profile that you want to keep separate.

Pack Into: All options include a 10g sample bag. 1kg bulk bags are a white foiled lined stand up pouch. 40g jars are a 120ml amber glass and 60g jars are a 175ml amber plastic with a black or white lid and a single front applied sticker. 40g/60g stand up pouches are matte white with a sticker both sides. Whichever option is chosen we currently charge $3.95 per unit packed including the sticker/s. The pricing is based on us producing 6000g of Instant Specialty per 30kg batch and the corresponding number of jars/pouches. An invoice or refund will be issued on completion of the run once we have final numbers actually packed and accounted for the difference in freight.

Please read and understand our FAQ and Terms and Conditions in full prior to ordering. The terms and conditions within are considered to be agreed and accepted when you place your order.

The shipping rate charged is for shipping via Sendle and is for Australian businesses and is for 1kg bag return. If you are from outside Australia please email us before ordering.

We will follow up your order via email within 1-2 business days with further instruction and information.

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Additional information

Weight 7 kg

1 Batch (30kg), 2 Batches (60kg), 3 Batches (90kg), 4 Batches (120kg), 5 Batches (150kg)

Pack Into

1kg Bulk Bags, 40g Stickered Pouches/Jars (150 per batch approx), 60g Stickered Pouches/Jars (100 per batch approx)